CS1X0: Cryogenic uniaxial strain cells

CS1X0: Compact cryogenic uniaxial strain cells

Apply continuously tuneable tensile and compressive strains to small samples within a cryogenic environment. Suitable for use with a wide range of measurement techniques including scanning probe and confocal microscopy, x-ray and neutron scattering, resistivity, and AC susceptibility.

Product Overview

Economical, modest performance strain cell

Economical, modest performance

Compatible with low temperature and high magnetic field

Cryogenic & magnet compatible

The smallest CS1X0 strain cell will fit horizontally and vertically in a 1-inch magnet bore

Compact. Fits 1-inch PPMS® bore

A wide range of different sizes of sample can be mounted, bulk crystals, fragile thin films and Van der Waals materials

Strain various sample types & sizes

Internal sensor measures applied displacement.

Integrated displacement sensor