CS1X0: Cryogenic uniaxial strain cells

Compact cryogenic uniaxial strain cells.
Apply continuously tuneable tensile & compressive strains to mm-sized samples in a cryogenic environment & high magnetic field.

< $10K cost & < 4 Week Leadtime
Extreme Environments

Cryogenic & magnet compatible

Monitor strain with a built-in displacement sensor down to mK temperature and up to 30T magnetic fields: ideal for the study of superconductors and other strongly correlated electron systems.

Multi-technique Platform

Use with a wide range of probes

Suitable for numerous measurement techniques including resistivity, and AC susceptibility, scanning probe, confocal microscopy, NMR and Raman.

Below, a a WP101 wiring platform
is used. This allows 4
contacts to be made to
the sample, so the
resistivity can be
measured as
strain is

Versatile Sample Mounting

For bulk and 2D materials

Samples are held at each end by titanium sample plates to provide homogeneous uniaxial strain. As well as the standard sample plates designed for narrow, millimetre scale samples we can provide options for probes (such as SPM) that require excellent sample access as well as options compatible with published methods of straining thin-film and 2D VdW materials.

Small Footprint

Compact. Fits 1-inch cryostat bore

Although the longer versions of the device can deliver larger displacements, the smallest varient, the CS100 is able to fit both vertically and horizontally in one-inch bore such as the Quantum Design PPMS/Dynacool. Integration is easy with a CRYOINSERT.

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