UC2X0T – Universal Transmission Cell For Beamline and Scattering Measurements

Universal Stress/Strain devices for Transmission & Scattering measurements
Measuring force and displacement for complete control

Suitable for Synchrotrons
Extreme Environments

Vacuum, cryo & magnet compatible

Monitor stress and strain with a built-in force and displacement sensors down to mK temperature and up to 30T magnetic fields: ideal for the study of superconductors and other strongly correlated electron systems.

TransMission & Scattering

90° transmission window

Most scattering and diffraction measurements require a wind angle of access to the sample, on the front and back of the device. The UC2X0T has a 90° transmission cone at the back and between 150-180° access on the front suitable for a wide range of beamline experiments

Rapid Sample eXchange

Prepare in advance for beam time

If a sample unexpectedly breaks during beam time, replacing the sample require waiting several hours for glue to cure. For time-critical applications, the SR200T sample carrier can be used so pre-mounted samples can be exchanged in seconds.

The SR200T sample carriers
can even be shipped out
to users so samples
can be mounted
in advance.

Complete ContrOL

Measure Force & Displacement

The UC2X0T measures both force and displacement making it instantly clear if a sample is broken or slipping in the glue, saving time and confusion. It also allows changes in the Young's Modulus, due to electronic transitions, to be observed. This technique has been recently published in the high-profile journal, Science.

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