Third-party software: python scripts and labview drivers

Third-party software: python scripts and labview drivers

Razorbill Instruments products are used in world-leading research laboratories in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

The many capable scientists who use our products have developed their our scripts and home-built software to use Razorbill Instruments products in their laboratories. Some of these researchers haver generously made these scripts and software publicly available.

Below is a list of links to software that has been written by third parties for our products. Razorbill Instruments provides no warranty for content of external links and we have not tested them for bugs. You should read and understand any scripts that you download fully before you use them and test them first before using them in a situation in which potentially damaging voltages could be applied to your stress/strain cell.

If you do find any of the scripts linked to helpful, why not send an email to the author thanking them? If you have written your own scripts and would like to benefit your fellow users, let us know and we can link to your github.


Labview drivers

Aaron Breidenbach at Stanford has written the following RP100 labview drivers:

The Levy Lab in Pittsburgh has put the labview drivers for all their instruments (including the RP100) up on github:

Python scripts

Razorbill Instrument's very own Jack Barraclough has put our python scripts that we use internally up on his github:

PyMeasure now claims to support the RP100:

Qcodes is not specifically adapted for our products but is a a Python-based data acquisition framework designed for running physics experiments that you may find useful for your lab (although it's a steep learning curve!).