SR Sample Carriers: Interchangeable platforms for rapid sample replacement


SR Sample Carriers: Interchangeable platforms for rapid sample replacement

One of the most challenging aspects of any uniaxial strain measurement is sample mounting. This process is made even more difficult if electrical connections must be made to the sample. The SR sample carriers simplify this process by allowing multiple samples to be mounted on multiple sample carriers that can be rapidly exchanged when required.


Product Overview

  • Allows rapid sample exchange between pre-prepared samples: no need to wait for glue to cure
  • Different versions suitable for use with FC1X0, UC200 and CS2X0 devices.
  • Flexure guided to reduce effect of micron-sized misalignments on strain homogeneity after platform exchange.
  • Compatible with the WP100 wiring platform so electrical contacts can also be prepared in advance.
  • Allows sample mounting and removal while unattached to delicate stress/strain device: high-temperature epoxy cures, plasma cleaning, acid baths and sonication all permitted.



Applications and Use

Make more efficient use of instrument time

Every research group wants to be getting the best use out of their cryostat (and other instrumentation). Preventing wasted time saves research budget and increases the speed at which data can be collected. Time becomes even more precious at a user facility, such as magnet or a beamline, when a whole PhD can rest on just a few days data collection. Razorbills range of SR sample carriers mean that a broken sample does not lead to disaster, merely a few minutes inconvenience.

Experiment with tricky-to-mount samples

The SR sample carriers can withstand high temperature epoxy cures, plasma surface treatments and aggressive acid cleaning processes. Consequently, they are suitable for use with high-temperature cure epoxies that may allow reliable bonding to samples that were previously difficult to mount or attach contacts to.

Retain samples for future experiments

At the end of a strain experiment, with conventional sample mounting, it is impossible to remove the sample while keeping the electrical contacts intact, and usually it is very difficult not to break the sample completely. SR sample carriers can be removed from the stress/strain cell with the sample and electrical connections intact. This means that the samples can be filed away and kept in case more measurements are required later.


The sample is mounted on the sample platform as normal, the one exception being there are no sample mounting screws. Instead the sample resting in epoxy surrounded by a horseshoe-shaped spacer capped with a cover foil. If desired, high temperature epoxies can be used because the sample platform is much more resilient to high temperature than the stress/strain devices themselves.

If the intended measurement that requires contacts near the sample (for example an electrical transport measurement of a magnetic susceptibility measurement) then a WP100 wiring platform can be added to the device.

Electrical transport measurements can be challenging because of the requirement to make electrical contacts to the sample either before or after the sample is mounted. A SR sample platform can be incredibly helpful, because it allows many samples to be prepared on many sample platforms in advance of a measurement. If a failure occurs at low temperature, for example a sample unexpectedly breaking or a wire detaching, then one prepared sample can be exchanged for another in a matter of minutes.


Product Specifications

Specifications SR100 SR200 SR200T
Compatable Device FC100 UC200 CS2X0T
Compatible Accessories WP100 WP100 N/A
Weight 4g 4g 4g
Operational considerations Produces a small force offset and a crosstalk between the applied displacement and applied force. Effect becomes negligible for stiff samples. Produces a crosstalk between the measured displacement and measured force. Can be reduced through calibration. Slightly reduces sample access on the top side of device.


Please see below for the datasheet, dimensioned drawings and 3D CAD files

These dimensioned drawings and CAD models will enable you to determine your preferred way to mount the cell in your cryostat.

To download the .STEP files, please right-click on the the download link and select “save link as…” then select where you want to save the file, specifying a .step filetype.

SR100 SR200 SR200T
Datasheet Please contact Razorbill Instruments Please contact Razorbill Instruments
Dimensioned drawings Please contact Razorbill Instruments
CAD model (.STEP) Please contact Razorbill Instruments Please contact Razorbill Instruments Please contact Razorbill Instruments

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