Product Accessories

This page details the accessories available for the CS100 series and FC100 series cryogenic stress/strain cells. The accessories described include the power supply necessary to power the cell, the wiring platform for attaching the wires to the sample as well as the various sample mounting plates for mounting the sample horizontally or on-edge to be compatible with transmission-mode probes. A full modification of a quantum design PPMS probe for strain measurements is also offered.

RP100: Custom power supply for Razorbill Instruments stress & strain cells

  • A custom 4-quadrant sink/source power supply for driving the CS100-CS130 and FC100 stress/strain cells.
  • Easy integration with automated experiments - controlled using ASCII commands over USB
  • Access the full strain range with your cells by supplying 2-channel +/- 200V
  • Compatible with all AC mains/grid supplies.

Model NumberRP100
180 mm
65 mm
185 mm
Compatible withCS100, CS110, CS120, CS130, FC100
Number of channels2 -channel
(to power a single stress/strain cell)
Output Voltage Range-/+200 V
Current LimitSafety limit5 mA
MaterialsPainted Aluminium
ConnectorsHV Output
2 x LEMO Connectors

Power Supply Downloads

Windows drivers

Driver installation instructions

A simple software tool to send commands to the power supply.


Sample Plates

  • Semi-disposable sample plates and spacers for mounting samples to the strain cell
  • Commercially pure titanium - high strength and thermally matched to the stress or strain cell
  • Compatible with the CS100 and FC100 family of stress/strain cells
  • Versions designed so that the sample can be mounted horizontally for transmission-mode measurements also available
  • Sample plates and spacers available in packs of twenty.


Wiring Platform

  • Wiring platform allows tiny electrical contacts to be made more easily to samples for electrical transport measurements
  • Positions four contact pads within a few millimetres of the sample to make forming gold contacts to the sample easier.
  • Compatible with the CS100 and FC100 family of stress/strain cells
  • 4x header pin connector for integration with cryostat electronics


Strain cell stands and mounting table

  • When mounting a sample in the cell or when forming contacts to the sample it is often convenient to have a purpose built optical bench to make the fine manipulations easier.
  • Each type of strain cell (FC100 and CS series) has a stand so that they can be stood upright
  • These stands can be fitted into a central hole in an optical table.
  • If required, a translation stage can be screwed to the table to allow operations that cannot be conducted by hand.
  • The tapped holes in the table are typically provided in metric sizes, but can be made to imperial measurements, if requested.


PPMS probe conversion kit

  • A kit that provides the vacuum feed-throughs, cabling and wiring plates necessary to convert a quantum design PPMS to use our strain cells.
  • Easy to follow step-by-step instructions
  • Low cost accessory to help you modify your cryostat and get started as quickly as possible.


PPMS Strain Probe

For our latest offering, we have teamed up with Quantum Design to offer a Razorbill Instruments version of an official QD multi-function probe. This probe will be compatible with any Quantum design PPMS and have all the required cabling, connectors and vacuum feedthroughs to enable immediate strain measurements at cryogenic temperature with minimal of customer set-up required.

  • Modified version of an official Quantum DesignP450A Multi-function Probe (MFP) for strain measurements.
  • Have a PPMS probe that you can reserve exclusively for stress/strain measurements.
  • No need to modify your existing PPMS or design a custom yoke.
  • Vacuum feedthrough and appropriate cabling already installed.
  • Ensure the strained sample is located precisely in the magnet centre.

Please enquire for more details.