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Which strain cell is right for my experiment?

This side-by-side comparison of the different strain cells available makes it easier to determine which member of our product range will fit your planned experiment best.

CS1x0 series strain cells

These devices are the original commercial cryogenic strain cells. They are a low-cost option to strain small samples at low temperature and under high magnetic field. The smallest variant, the CS100 is compatible with a 1-inch bore, such as a Quantum Design PPMS/Dynacool. The integrated sensor in the CS1X0 series measures applied displacement.

FC1X0 series stress cells

The FC1X0 series strain cells are high-performance cryogenic stress cells, capable of applying large forces at cryogenic temperature and high magnetic field. They have an outer diameter of 25.4 mm making them compatible with a Quantum Design PPMS/Dynacool. The integrated sensor in the FC1X0 series measures applied force.

UC200 – Universal stress/strain cell

The UC200 is a high-performance cell that can be used to measure, stress, strain and the elastic properties of materials at cryogenic temperature and low magnetic field. The integrated sensors measure both Force and Displacement.

CS2X0 series transmission cells

The CS2X0 strain cells are have a large optical access cone allowing a range of transmission-mode, beamline or XRS measurement to be performed without the probe beam needing to pass through the titanium of the device. These variants are mainly used at synchrotrons and other beam-line facilities. The integrated sensor measures applied displacement.