PPMS Integration

PPMS P450 Probe Conversion Kit

Our CS100 and FC1X0 stress/strain cells are designed to fit within a 1-inch magnet bore. One of the most common cryostats with this design is the Quantum Design PPMS®/Dynacool/VersaLab. For users of these cryostats we can provide additional accessories to integrate a Razorbill Stress/Strain cell into their cryostat so that they can spend less time on set up and more time recording useful data.

Accessory Overview

  • Kit allows modification of existing P450 (or D450) PPMS Probe.
  • Customers without a P450/D450 probe, or who want a dedicated strain probe can purchase a new CRYOINSERT instead.
  • Kit includes all hardware: feedthoughs, cabling, wiring and brackets in integrate a CS100 or FC1X0 into a PPMS®/Dynacool/VersaLab cryostat.
  • Includes WP101 wiring platforms and modified PPMS® puck to carry out electrical measurements on strained sample using internal cryostat wiring.