MC050: Ultraminiature strain cell

Please note that this product is currently not available for purchase – Please contact Razorbill Instruments for more information and to hear what we have in the pipeline for 2024!

MC050: Ultraminiature UHV strain cell

The MC050 fits the tiny ‘flag sample carrier’ common to many vacuum transfer systems. The device is purely mechanical, force being applied via a differential screw turned using a wobble stick and the force applied being shown via a needle indicator visible through an optical window. The UHV compatibility and size make the device suitable for ARPES, MOKE, STM and other UHV measurements.

Product Overview

UHV, tiny footprint

Ultraminiature, flag-style size and UHV compatibility, ideal for ARPES, EELS, MOKE, and STM

Compatible with low temperature and high magnetic field

Cryogenic & magnet compatible

The MC050 fits flag-style (AKA 'omicron-style') sample handling systems

Ultra-Compact. Fits 22 mm flag-style (omicron) UHV sample carrier

Purely mechanical design: no requirement for electrical connections

Purely mechanical, wobblestick controlled: no electrical connections

Force indicated by the movement of a needle

Applied force indicated by the movement of a needle