FC1X0: High performance cryogenic stress cell

Ultimate Performance
Measure Applied Force
1-inch diameter
Apply large tensile & compressive strains to mm-sized samples in a cryogenic environment inside a 25 mm magnet bore

Our most powerful device
Apply and sense Force

Cryogenic & magnet compatible

Apply huge forces of up to 90N at cryogenic temperature, allowing higher strains and larger samples. Compatible with high magnetic field, milikelvin temperatures, high vacuum and a 1-inch magnet bore (such as a quantum design PPMS). A key distinction with our CS products is the the FC devices have an integrated force sensor instead of a displacement sensor which gives a more direct and reliable measurement of sample stress.

Multi-technique Platform

Use with a wide range of probes

Suitable for numerous measurement techniques including resistivity, and AC susceptibility, scanning probe, confocal microscopy, NMR and Raman.

Below, a a WP101 wiring platform (included with the FC100) is used. This allows 4 contacts to be made to the sample using fine gold wires, so the resistivity can be measured as strain is applied.

Versatile Sample Mounting

High performance or rapid exchange

Samples are held at each end by titanium sample plates to provide homogeneous uniaxial strain. As well as the standard sample plates designed to apply high forces, the FC100 is also compatible with the SR100 sample carrier that allows multiple samples to be prepared in advance and be switched on and off rapidly, saving precious hours
on a valuable

Small Footprint

Compact. Fits 1-inch cryostat bore

Both the FC100 and FC150 fit vertically in a one-inch bore such as the Quantum Design PPMS/Dynacool. Integration with a PPMS/Dynacool is easy with a CRYOINSERT.

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