FC1X0: High performance cryogenic stress cell

FC1X0: High-performance cryogenic uniaxial stress cells

Apply powerful, continuously tuneable strains to small samples within a cryogenic environment. See large tuning effects on even high spring-constant samples with forces up to 90N. Suitable for use with a wide range of measurement techniques including scanning probe and confocal microscopy, x-ray and neutron scattering, resistivity, and AC susceptibility.

Product Overview

Economical, modest performance strain cell

High-performance >90N

Compatible with low temperature and high magnetic field

Cryogenic & magnet compatible

The smallest CS1X0 strain cell will fit horizontally and vertically in a 1-inch magnet bore

Compact. Fits 1-inch PPMS® bore

A wide range of different sizes of sample can be mounted, bulk crystals, fragile thin films and Van der Waals materials

Compatible with SR100 sample carrier

Internal sensor measures applied displacement.

Integrated force sensor