FC100: A cryogenic capable stress cell


FC100: a high performance uniaxial stress cell

Our highest performance stress cell. Though capable of delivering very high uniaxial pressures and strains, this cell is designed to fit inside a 1-inch magnet bore and is hence compatible with a wide range of commercial and custom cryostats


Product Overview

  • Very high cryogenic forces applied (± 100N at 4 K).
  • Integrated force sensor
  • Compact footprint (25 mm diameter).
  • Operates below 1 K and at high magnetic field.
  • Wide angle of access to sample. Suitable for cryogenic scanning probe microscopy


Product Specifications

Specifications   FC100 FC150
Size Diameter
Height (including sample bolts)
25.4 ±0.1 mm
62 ±1 mm
100 g*
Applied displacement at zero load (± 10%) Maximum displacement at 300K
Maximum displacement at 4K
±45 μm (-20 to +120 V)
±25 μm (-200 to +200 V)
Applied Force at zero extension (± 10%) Maximum force at 300K (-20 to +120 V)
Maximum force at 4K (-200 to +200 V)
Operating Conditions Operating Temperature
Magnetic field
Below 300mK to 325K
0T to >30T
Feedback sensor Range
Sensitivity (at zero force)
Initial capacitance
±200 N
0.5 fF/N
1.1 pF
±50 N
2 fF/N
1.1 pF
Power supply 2-channel, sink/source +/-200V
Compatible with RP100

*Weight reduction modification available, particularly for use with attocube nanopositioners, please inquire for more details

1. Exceeding the 50N max force of the sensor may lead to a perminent offset of the sensor compared to factory calibration.



Keep up with the cutting edge

Significant recent research effort has been spent investigating the electronic and magnetic properties of materials when subjected to uniaxial strains because it allows a convenient way to compare experimental results with structure/property relationships predicted from theory. See Uniaxial Strain in Condensed Matter Physics.

Compatible with a wide range of probes

FC100 stress cell is the ideal component for your cryogenic measurement system -  compatible with a wide variety of different probes, including x-ray diffraction, scanning probe microscopy, optical imaging, magnetic susceptibility and electrical measurements.

Measure the force applied

A reliable cryogenic force sensor is very valuable addition to the field of uniaxial pressure tuning. Regardless of how much the mounting epoxy is deformed, the force applied to the sample will equal the force measured. This makes a force measurement independent of how the sample is mounted and hence a more reliable metric than the displacement.


Customer Requirements

For best results we recommend that customers use the cells with the following equipment;

  • A Razorbill Instruments RP100 power supply is compatible with the FC100 and all four CS1XX strain cell models. This power supply can supply low-noise four quadrant, sink/source voltages of ±200V.
  • Use of the feedback sensor requires the detection of an approximately 5 pF capacitance.  A high quality, low-cost option is the Keysight E4980AL (20 Hz to 300 kHz).
  • Suitable wiring and feedthroughs into the cryostat. The FC100 requires 4x  high voltage lines to drive the cell and 2x coax cables for the sensor. Razorbill Instruments can provide kits for adding suitable cabling and feedthroughs to a range of commercial cryostats. Please contact us for more information


  • Buying a FC100 stand and sample mounting table will enable easier sample mounting.
  • The FC100 is compatible with the SR100 sample carriers. These carriers allow rapid sample exchange and make it much easier to make efficient use of the instrument when time is critical such as at beamlines and user facilities.
  • If you require fine electrical connections to the sample (such as in an electrical transport measurement) we recommend using a Razorbill wiring platform so that the contact pads can be situated as closely as possible to sample and these contacts can be integrated with existing wiring.


FC100 datasheet, dimensioned drawings and 3D CAD files

These datasheets contain everything you need to get started with one of our products.
They include:

These dimensioned drawings and CAD models will enable you to determine your preferred way to mount the cell in your cryostat.

To download the .STEP files, please right-click on the the download link and select "save link as..." then select where you want to save the file, specifying a .step filetype.

FC1X0 datasheet
FC100 dimensioned drawings: device
FC100 dimensioned drawings: sample plates and spacers
FC100 3D .STEP file