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Designing a mechanism to move with microscopic precision
It requires clever design, the correct expertise & a
deep understanding
of available manufacturing techniques.
It also requires hard work & perseverance to
get it right
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Our Strengths

Precision motion
expertise from an established manufacturer

Deliver precision motion

Deliver accurate movement.

•Flexure & Compliant Mechanism Design, Piezoelectric Actuation, Design Optimisation and FEA modelling, Displacement and Force Sensing

• Flexure & Compliant Mechanism Design
• Piezoelectric Actuation
• Design Optimisation and FEA modelling
• Displacement and Force Sensing

Thrive in extreme conditions.

Cryogenic and high temperature operation, Ultra-high vacuum, High magnetic field, Ionising radiation

Thrive in extreme conditions

• Cryogenic and high temperature operation
• Ultra-high vacuum
• High magnetic field
• Ionising radiation

Get a tailored service.

Suited to start-ups & large companies, Defer development costs to scale-up, adapt work packages to tight budgets, No hidden fees

Get a tailored service

• Suited to start-ups & large companies
• Defer development costs to scale-up
• adapt work packages to tight budgets
• No hidden fees

Scale up, with us.

Scale from prototype to batch production, Supply chain development, Assembly in our production facility, Continue design optimisation after launch

Scale up, with us

• Scale from prototype to batch production
• Supply chain development
• Assembly in our production facility
• Continue design optimisation after launch

Our Strengths
Success Stories
Relevant Sectors
Success Stories

Judge us by our

Our Strengths
Success Stories
Relevant Sectors
Success Stories: 1
Sensors for a tiny satellite
Overview & Challenge

The UK Astronomy Technology Centre had developed a compact satellite with mirrors designed to deploy in space. They found during testing that in order for the mirrors to focus the light into a crisp image they would need displacement sensors to provide nanoscale feedback on their movement

  1. Sensor (inc electronics) must be less than 1 cm3 and 1 g.
  2. Must have a resolution of better than 10 nm
  3. Power consumption must be kept to a minimum.
  4. Must tolerate heat, cold, vacuum & radiation

No commercially available sensor comes close to approaching the above specifications.


Razorbill met very challenging specification by developing ZED-CAP, the world's most compact displacement sensor capable of 2 nm resolution.

The UK ATC were pleased ZED-CAPs performance and Razorbill continues to provide sensors for future iterations of their compact deployable optics satellites.


Cryogenic engineering consultancy

Success Stories: 2
An industrial testing device
Overview & Challenges

Electrosciences Ltd in a joint venture with Aixacct Systems Gmbh wanted to expand their markets by providing a device for measuring the d32 and d31 coefficients of piezoelectric thin films. This is a new product category and requires applying AC strains to thin-film samples while measuring the applied stress on the material while simultaneously performing electrical measurements.

  1. Must be able to apply to apply homogenous 0.1% strains in AC
  2. Force sensor must have a 0.1N resolution
  3. Slack in the sample must be taken in with coarse displacement
  4. Must be user-friendly
  5. Preference for small footprint

Razorbill designed a piezo-actuated device to achieve the specification.

In particular several innovations that went beyond the specification were introduced:

  1. Overload protection for the load cell
  2. A sample mounting system allowing the sample to self-align
  3. Sample holder that makes electrical contacts while gripping
  4. Rapid sample transfer system
Engineering consultancy, flexure design

The customers were highly satisfied with the project and Razorbill is the OEM supplier for this product as their sales into this new market increase.

Relevant Sectors
Relevant Sectors
Precision motion has
Our engineering consultancy covers the following sectors and product categories
  1. Scientific Instrumentation
  2. Aerospace
  3. Quantum Computing
  4. Fibre alignment
  5. Microscopy
  6. High magnetic field (NMR, MRI)
  7. Semiconductor Processing
  8. Photonics
  9. Kinematics
Our Strengths
Success Stories
Relevant Sectors

Considered and informed consultancy to propel your project forward on a sound footing

◦ Cryogenic design consultancy

◦ Precision motion design

◦ Extreme environment engineering

◦ Compliant mechanism consultancy

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