CRYOINSERT: Cryostat probe for PPMS and Dynacool Cryostats

A complete cryostat insert for PPMS/Dynacool cryostats
< $10K cost & < 4 Week Leadtime

Specialised vacuum feedthroughs

Beyond the standard 12-pin 'Puck', the CRYOINSERT also provides two coaxial feedthroughs and four high voltage connections. Ask about other vacuum feedthroughs and cables; we aim to suit any experiment.

Better Cooling

Less heat, improved thermalization

The probe itself has an improved heat load and its additional cables are resistive to reduce heatflow into the cryostat. Together with the BeCu spring fingers, this contributes to reaching a great base temperature more quickly.

Sample Connection

Easily connect from sample to puck

CRYOINSERT comes with a 12-pin 'puck' that is wired to a set of connectors. These can be connected to customer wiring or to the included WP101 wiring platforms to provide convenient contact pads close to the sample.

Strain Compatability

Compatible with FC1X0 & CS100

The insert can be used for any generic experiment but has specific compatibility with Razorbill Instruments CS100 and FC1X0 strain/stress cells.

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