New device for determining piezoelectric polymer electromechanical properties

Razorbill Instruments are pleased to announce that a whole new product category: a d31/d32 Analyser for piezoelectric polymer films, is to be launched at the  International Symposium on Advanced Ferroelectrics, ISAF, in Tours, France on the 27th-30th June 2022.  Piezoelectric polymer films are becoming increasingly widely used in a wide range of applications, and so far there has been no commercially available instrument for measuring this piezoelectric property of promising candidate materials.

This d31/d32 Analyser, ESPY31, was developed in a joint venture between Electrosciences Ltd and aixACCT Systems with the mechanical design and OEM manufacture of the complex flexure/actuator/sensor mechanism carried out by Razorbill Instruments.

Flexure systems and other compliant mechanisms offer significant advantages over conventional mechanisms. They provide precise guidance of moving parts without the play or backlash associated with slides, guides, or bearings, and in a smaller volume. Razorbill Instruments has long experience with compliant mechanisms for motion control and force and displacement sensing, including kinematic design, FEA simulation, design for manufacture, assembly and testing. Our mechanisms operate in extreme environments such as vacuum, temperatures below -290C, and high magnetic fields.

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