Easier integration with an Attocube positioner

Sometimes it is necessary to move a stress or strain cell around inside a cryostat, for example for optics alignment or to bring the sample into range of a scanning probe. To do this it is necessary to use a cryogenic nanopositioner, and one of the most commonly used types is that manufactured by Attocube. To make it easier for a customer to incorporate a Razorbill CS100 into their set-up, we can now provide a bracket to fix a CS100 to the top of an Attocube ANPx101 positioner. Likewise, we offer a custom FC100 cell, with a reduced weight to make it compatible with an ANPx101 positioner with a baseplate that can be fixed to the existing screw holes in the Attocube positioner.

Left: The CS100 titanium  mounting bracket, to mount the device easily on top of an Attocube positioner

Right: An FC100 with the lightweight modification reduces its weight below 80g to allow it to be moved with an Attocube positioner. Its base plate will mate with an Attocube positioner.

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