New product ships – FC100

There is much rejoicing in the field of strongly correlated electron systems as the first models of our brand-new premium product, the FC100 are being shipped to customers. Many thanks to all our loyal customers who have patiently waited (and are still patiently waiting). Thanks for bearing with us, and we hope to fulfil all outstanding orders in the next few weeks.

The FC100 is a big step up in the field of cryogenic strain tuning. The device packs quite a punch into a 1-inch footprint providing a maximum displacement of ±25 μm at 4K and maximum force of ±90 N at 4K. On top of this, the FC100 has an in-built force sensor (instead of the displacement sensor) which allows the direct measurement of stress on the sample – a more reliable metric than measuring the applied displacement.

Below shows the beautiful FC100 mounted on a modified Quantum design PPMS probe, ready for inserted into a cryostat.

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